Viagra and Stress-Related ED

More than half of all men will experience erectile dysfunction (ED). It is not necessary to seek medical attention for this condition unless it persists and your inability to perform sexually bothers you. If you do consult with a physician, physical and psychological causes of the condition will be examined.

A common cause of erectile dysfunction is stress. In fact, stress is responsible for nearly 20% of all cases of impotence. Unfortunately, developing this condition can create additional stress and anxiety in men. It can be challenging to connect what is going on in your head to your sexual impotence. Viagra has proven to be an effective treatment for stress and other psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.
Impact of Stress

Stress can arise from any aspect of your life. You may be having difficulties at work or are concerned about financial issues. This may result in temporary importance which then leads to ongoing anxiety over your sexual performance. You may feel guilty about being unable to satisfy your partner. All of this creates a situation that can result in stress-related erectile dysfunction. If this happens, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible in order to prevent long-term problems from developing.
Why Viagra

This medication can easily treat erectile dysfunction caused by stress. It is intended to be used no more than once in a 24 hour period. Your physician will prescribe dosage based on your medical history and current health conditions, taking into consideration other medications you take. The tablet is available in 25mg. 50mg, and 100mg. Although there are risks associated with this medication, you will only be prescribed it if the likelihood of side effects is minimal.
If you are prescribed this medication, you can take one tablet anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours before engaging in sexual activity. This allows you to remain spontaneous, keeping your stress levels under control. Men who use this medication find the quality of their erection improves their performance. This results in greater satisfaction for themselves and their partners. In turn, they experience less stress and anxiety.
Addressing the Stress

It is important that you also address the underlying cause of your stress. While Viagra is helpful in treating stress-related erectile dysfunction, you can reduce reliance on the drug by eliminating stress factors that impede your ability to develop an erection. Overtime you will regain your self-confidence and no longer suffer from performance anxiety. Instead you can focus on you and your partner’s sexual gratification.